Urinary catheterization at home

Catheterization is a medical procedure wherein a catheter is inserted in the patient’s body to let fluids drain out. In urinary catheterization, a catheter tube is introduced in the patient's urinary bladder to let the urine pass out of the body. And, the drained urine is collected by a drainage bag that is attached to the catheter. Professional nurses for catheterization play a crucial role in helping a patient with this process efficiently.

How Can I Avail Catheterization At Home?

At-home nurses for catheterization help you have urinary catheterization conveniently at your place. Efficient nurses at Nightingales are trained to prevent the risk of pressure injuries, tripping, and any other problems when providing urinary catheterization treatment at home to the patients. They also guide you properly to follow the appropriate regimen for the prescribed fluid intake and diet, as it can have a direct effect on the drainage from the catheter.

Experienced nurses also educate you about catheter care. Home catheterization not just eliminates your travel hassles and expensive hospital stays but it also saves your energy and time. So, whenever you need catheterization, simply call us at Nightingales or get in touch with us online and receive the best catheterization care in your comfort zone.

Home based care

End to end management of all medical needs as suggested by a Doctor, including post discharge follow-ups and other short term nursing requirements.

Save Time, Save Money

Say Bye Bye to waiting lines, long travel hours and traffic struggles. Book an appointment at your convenience.

Trained nurses

We hire only board certified & experienced nurses to ensure quality care at home.

Packaged & Sterilized Kits

We use packaged and sterilized kits for all our procedures ensuring we follow Universal Precautions and Sterilization Techniques.

Quality Assurance

We conduct regular training sessions for all our nurses and ensure that they are updated with the new processes and methodologies.